Product Information

Premium Steel DIY Gutter Guard Systems

Professional DIY Gutter Guard Kits Delivered Free Australia Wide:

  • Complete covering, extends the roof line to the gutter lip leaving no cavities for debris & leafs to build up.
  • Has optimum aperture to allow all rain water & sun in but keep all debris out. We use a 3x4mm aperture on our standard mesh.
  • An angled “ski slope” surface allowing debris to simply blow off your roof.
  • Zero flammability rating given by the CSIRO.
  • Completely bird, vermin & pest proof
  • Only a 3x4mm aperture on our standard mesh!

Manufactured by an Australian company with over 30 years of experience.
CSIRO has found the flammability index on the mesh to be “0”. The mesh also adheres to all required standards to be used as a gutter guard in BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29, BAL-40.
Hole Size: 3mm X 4mm – Thickness: 1mm – Uses: Gutter Guard, Bird Proofing

Made from strong 0.55mm steel in Corrugated & TrimDek profiles.
Available in every current Colorbond colour.

Supplied from an local Australian. 1/4″ Hex, Class 3 – Self-Drilling screws.
Galvanized and powder coated in the full Colorbond Range

Corrugated roof DIY Gutter Guard Kit Diagram
Aluminium Mesh 3x4mm - Gutter Mesh
Tile roof DIY Gutter Guard Kit Diagram


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